Tuesday, December 13, 2011

grapefruit and mint

cardigan - old navy
tights - we love colors
shoes - from my grandmom
hairbow - honeybean

Something amazing happened yesterday. A monumental event in my life that I will never, ever forget. Before I tell my tale, I should probably fill in anyone who isn't already familiar with my obsession with grapefruit: I love grapefruit. The juice, the fruit, the color, anything remotely related to grapefruit, I love it. A lot.

So, our story begins two years ago, when one of my mom's coworkers casually mentioned that her husband had given her a pack of pink grapefruit tic-tacs. My mom's ears immediately perked up, since she has been conditioned over the years to pay attention to all things grapefruit related, and she asked where these tic-tacs had been purchased. Her coworker did not know. She asked her husband, he did not remember. For two long years I have searched for these tic-tacs. At every single grocery store, convenience store, drugstore and mall concession stand, I have searched in vain. I had given up all hope, until last night.

My mom and I had to run out to Staples for some supplies. Just a quick errand run, no biggie. Then, while we were out, my mom remembered that she had to pick up a gift card to Bed, Bath and Beyond. This realization forever changed the course of my life. We walked into the store, and got in line. My eyes skimmed over the Christmas candy near the cash register, past the pink tic tacs and the iphone stands ---- wait, the tic tacs?! The PINK tic-tacs?! Could it be?? YES, IT WAS THEM! One single pack of pink grapefruit tic-tacs was perched in front of the cashier... and I pounced on them like a panther stalking its prey. They were MINE!! VICTORY AT LAST!!

Sometimes, it's really the little things that make your year day.

ps. Ironically, I happened to wear this mint and grapefruit colored outfit on Sunday, the day before my epic discovery. It wasn't inspired by the grapefruit flavored mints! Weirdness, right?! It's like I was having a wardrobe premonition...