Sunday, December 4, 2011

slumber party sunday

Every year we make 10 different kinds of cookies (I am NOT complaining. Let me repeat, I am NOT complaining.) but this year I want to try something different, and these seem perfect! Chocolate covered marshmallow reindeer with pretzel antlers! Too cute for words!! (via Betty Crocker Wannabe)

If you ask me what my favorite movie is, without skipping a beat I can answer "Sunday in New York." But ask me what my favorite *Christmas* movie is, and I could deliberate for hours. I just love so many of them! I can say, though, that Christmas in Connecticut is always one of the ones competing for my top slot. It's the coziest movie to watch at night with hot chocolate, bundled up on the couch while you can see your Christmas tree twinkling out of the corner of your eye! Watch it // Buy it

Truth: What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
Dare: Go make cookies right now. GO!! ;D