Friday, December 10, 2010

stockings, not of the fireplace variety

I love love love tights and stockings! Colorful, patterned, seamed and plain old black. And this time of year, when the temperature is hovering around freezing, they are the difference between having icicles for legs or just being chilly.

I have tons of them, in almost every color I can think of, but the one kind I'm missing (and really really want) are sweater tights .. the cable knit design just screams "warm and toasty" to me! Not sure where to find them though.. I've looked all over the place and the only ones I found (at Kmart of all places) were just plain black. I really want gray or brown or maybe cream... suggestions are very welcome! :)

^ that was an outtake when my self timer went off before I was ready, but I think it looks pretty cool! :)