I've been taking pictures of a lot of my outfits, but only posting my favorites. I was just cleaning out my photobooth folder tonight and thought I'd post some of the outtakes that weren't too bad :) Oh, and the last photo is my new pink wig! I've been waiting for this one to come in the mail for a month or so -- it's from Japan -- and the long pink wig I wore a few weeks ago was ordered while I was waiting. I like that one too, but this one is just exactly what I had in mind. I think the shorter length suits me better, and the cut is fabulous!

The outfit details, clockwise -- 1. coat - f21 / hat - f21 / scarf - old navy / jeans - old navy 2. sweater -old navy / scarf - old navy / jeans - old navy / hat - f21 3. hat - target / scarf - NYC street vendor / coat - diane von furstenberg / bag - modcloth / stockings - asos 4. dress - vintage / belt - old navy 5 & 6 - dress - f21 / pearls - grandmother's (it's a candy cigarette..)