Monday, September 30, 2013

the hypatia dress - take one

This week I have 5 outfit posts planned with my Hypatia Dress, each one styled a completely different way. I know the old adage goes "save the best for last" but I couldn't wait to share this particular ensemble, I just love it so much!! I paired the dress with a plain black skirt, a pink fabric bow belt and pink pumps. I've had some pink-white-and-black vintage dresses hanging out in my etsy favorites forever (see the bottom of this page) and I think this definitely echoes that style, albeit slightly more casual than the dresses I was coveting.

Really though, you could do hundreds of variations on this with any number of skirts and belts. Layering skirts over dresses is a super easy way to change them up (and the dresses, at least for me, seem to stay tucked in much better than shirts do!) And most of the detail on this dress is up at the top anyway, so you don't really lose any of that when you add the skirt! :)

dress - designed by me and available at ever + mi crush | skirt - forever 21
belt - vintage, from another dress | shoes - from my grandmom