Saturday, September 21, 2013

flamingo pink

Yesterday we went to Animal Kingdom and I got to see some flamingos! I think they might be my favorite animal (aside from cats, of course!) They're just so pink and pretty, and I love how they stand on one leg to sleep, with their head turned backwards and buried in their feathers.

It's amazing how fast this vacation flew by. Tomorrow night I'll be on my way home already! I am looking forward to seeing my kitties though. It's funny how I get so used to seeing them that when I'm away I constantly mistake little lumps of clothing or objects laying on the floor for cats. My mom's purse looked SO much like Chloe the other day! I didn't have my glasses on, so that probably accounts for the striking similarity, but it was still pretty cool ;)

Today is Dapper Day so I'm about to get all dolled up and head over to Hollywood Studios! Kyle packed a shirt and tie in his suitcase but forgot to bring dress pants so he's wearing basketball shorts and sneakers with this dress clothes lol!

dress - forever 21 | shoes - payless | backpack - kmart | sunglasses - nordstrom