Friday, September 20, 2013

candy dots

This dress has little dots on it that look like those candy drops that come on strips of paper. I love those! I thought it was fitting then to take my picture outside of the Main Street candy shoppe in the Magic Kingdom :) Although I guess you can't really tell based on how I chose the backdrop haha! I think I was more interested in whatever background had less people swarming behind me than whatever looked most like a candy store..

My brother is actually coming down to stay with us for the rest of the trip! He'll be here in about an hour and stay for the next 3 days. I think it'll be fun having him along. Although I might end up with Kyle-fatigue since we're also going on a mini-road trip at the beginning of October lol :)

I got a few comments the last couple days mentioning Dapper Day and I just wanted to say I am going and I already have an outfit prepared! yay! I am SO excited about it!! I found out Dapper Day coincided with my trip a few days after I booked it and I was over the moon happy. The funny thing is that I have a bunch of really pretty vintage dresses that I never get to wear and I ended up going with something new after all. I have some vintage accessories though so I guess it evens out. I'll definitely take outfit photos and post them on Sunday!! :)

dress - modcloth | lace jacket - vintage | saddle shoes - payless | bag - kmart