Friday, September 27, 2013

purple purple purple!

I have purple hair! It came out darker than I wanted, and the bleach didn't lighten all of my hair enough so some areas look kind of murky grey... but I do like it. It's like the first time I did pink, it takes a few times before the hair color really gets the way I want it. I need to fiddle with the dye to conditioner ratio and I think I might need to mix this color (Punky Colors violet) with a redder shade of purple to get the hue I was going for.

I've had a weird week. I ended up catching Chloe going on my bed, so now I know which cat was the culprit. She ended up doing it three times before I caught her.. luckily when I got my new mattress I bought a waterproof liner just in case, but that still doesn't really make it any less gross :( I just hope she's ok.. she did this once before when she had a UTI so we're off to the vet to make sure everything is fine.

I got SUPER excited today because I managed to snatch up tickets to an X-Files event in NYC next month... I called pretty much everyone in my family to gloat and even ordered a smaller version of my I Want to Believe poster so I could get it signed. And then I got an e-mail from the place hosting the event letting me know that they actually sold out on Wednesday (!!) and anyone who purchased tickets after that would be watching the event on a closed-circuit tv in a room on another floor. So I just cancelled :( It really bummed me out because I was just SO excited about seeing Mulder and Scully in person. But you know what, I got to meet Steve Carell (and a bunch of other Office cast members!) earlier this year so I guess I had more than my fair share of awesome tv experiences for 2013. Maybe I'll have better luck when the next X-Files event rolls around :)

sweater - c/o oasap | skirt - h&m | shoes - urban outfitters | glasses - c/o firmoo