Sunday, September 29, 2013

mail time

I've received some exciting mail in the last week or so that I wanted to share! First up is Flow magazine, which featured some of my flapper doodle reading-related drawings in an article spread! My copy of the issue was waiting for me when I got back from Disney World and it was so neat to see it in person!

Mental Floss is carrying some of my Puns Intended art prints in their handmade shop at the moment, and I was absolutely tickled pink to see that my artwork is in an ad they're running in the November issue!! It's cropped but there it is in the bottom right corner! My painting! In Mental Floss!! It's my favorite magazine so I'm ridiculous giddy.. it even says my name above the painting. My name is in Mental Floss. *dies*

ps. The prints are available here if you're interested!

My artwork isn't in this one, but it was something I wanted to share just for it's pure awesomeness! Modcloth released their first fall catalog and it brought back so many memories of flipping through delias catalogs when I was younger! As much as I miss inflatable furniture and denim platform clogs (sadly I'm not actually being sarcastic here, I really miss them) it's even BETTER when all the things featured in the catalog are adorable and sweet, like pretty much everything modcloth sells.

The catalog is available to view online here! Oh! And I forgot to mention this earlier so it's really last-minute but if you've been eyeing something from modcloth and are thinking of making your first purchase from them you can get $20 off ($20!!) any order over $50 if you visit using this link! The offer is good until October 2nd (really last minute, oops!)