Monday, September 9, 2013

saturday in new york

On Saturday I spent the day in New York with Polly from The Littlest Polly! We went to the Museum of Modern Art about an hour before closing but somehow managed to see practically every floor! We had so much fun! Polly is a huge Andy Warhol fan and got to see a bunch of his works, and I was gawking in disbelief at some of the really famous paintings they had on display (Starry Night?!?) I was an art history major in college but I hardly ever find time to go to museums anymore, so this was a rare treat.

I just had such a fun time. I'm always nervous when I'm meeting internet friends for the first time in real life, but Polly is so incredibly sweet and friendly that I forgot about being nervous pretty much instantly. I always thought she seemed like one of the most awesome girls on the internet and she's even more awesome in person! I can't wait to hang out again :)

I look like such a dork in basically every photo from Saturday but oh well!  My dress is an old one from Romwe, shoes are urban outfitters, belt is from another dress and the glasses are from firmoo. The tote bag is my Hypatia bag from sweet and lovely.

Polly is so sweet and SO fun! I'm a little (ok a lot) jealous of her posing instincts and ridiculous eye for color pairing. If you aren't already familiar with her blog, get over there right now. Seriously just skip the rest of this post. GO.

Looking like a dweeb next to Starry Night.

See what I mean with the cute posing? ah!