Sunday, June 23, 2013

shop my closet update!

I just added over 40 items (including LOTS of dresses, pastels and pretty collars!!) to my shop my closet page. It's connected to Sweet and Lovely so if you have your eye on any of those items you can combine shipping ;) Also that means my 10% off code in the sidebar is applicable as well! Just saying..

I'm actually leaving on my road trip TODAY! eep! I'm going to bring along anything that doesn't sell immediately so that I can still mail it from the road. However.. if you're thinking of getting something from the closet update, buying it before 11AM EST would ensure I can ship it before I leave. It just means you get it quicker and I don't have to stuff more clothes into my car than I'd like to, lol ;) I already have waaaaay too many dresses in my own suitcase haha!

Well, my next post will be written from the road!! ahh!