Monday, June 24, 2013

road trip, day one!

Right now I'm sitting at a rest stop in Syracuse, NY, on my way to Niagara Falls! So far everything is going smoothly and I'm really enjoying the scenery while we drive. Me and my brother have spent most of the trip building a playlist on my ipod, a difficult task since we have wildly different taste in music. But we seem to find common ground when Frank Sinatra songs come on, so he'll probably be crooning through the speakers through most of our vacation!

Tomorrow will be the first time I try packing orders and doing business on the road, so I really hope it goes over well! I can't wait to show you guys the pictures of the mobile workstation I made in my car trunk. I spent most of Saturday just sitting outside starting at it because I was so proud lol ;D

Also YES I am wearing jeans in this picture. I KNOW. I ordered and returned about five pair online before finding these... I really wanted a pair for the trip that I could wear on days that would mostly be spent in the car. These have proved to be super comfortable so far and they aren't riding down like all the jeans I've owned in the past. I always have a hard time finding denim that fits my small-waist-huge-hips ratio but these are working great! I got them from modcloth, here. The shoes are from Payless and the bag is vintage :)

I'll try to blog as often as the wi-fi gods will allow, but I'll definitely be posting on instagram a lot if you want to follow along with my road trip adventures!