Wednesday, June 26, 2013

what's old is new again

Last week I found a really pretty suitcase at a vintage shop in New Hope, but one side of the bag was completely faded. It was only $20 though (and these tend to be so much more online, especially with shipping!) so I snatched it up anyway.

I got some fabric markers in the same colors of the suitcase, and just touched up all of the colors! It was like paint-by-number.. a little bit time consuming but really easy! I think re-doing the black outline is what made the most difference but even the vibrancy of the green and blue is incredibly noticeable.

This was such an easy project and it gave the bag a major facelift! :) I've been using the suitcase on my trip and so far the colors are holding up great. It even came into contact with some rain and the colors didn't run! I'm definitely going to keep this in mind from now on when I see really faded items, now that I know it's such an easy fix!