Saturday, June 29, 2013

home sweet home

Well, I am home with my kitties again.

Not for good though, I didn't give up on the road trip! We just need to regroup and plan better before we head back out again. My original plan was that we just drive wherever we want to, sleep in the car some nights, and then find cheap local hotels other nights. But the first attempt at sleeping in the car was a nightmare (I forgot that it's summer and you can't leave the a/c on all night while you're sleeping. SOOOO hot!!) And finding a "cheap hotel" isn't so easy. In Burlington, VT we couldn't even find a vacancy, let alone a cheap one.

Rather than drive around for hours looking for hotels in the rain after midnight on Thursday we realized it would only be about seven hours to drive home... so we did. Once we have everything planned better we'll definitely go back out again. I still want to see all the states and get to use the traveling office that I was so excited about, lol! I'm tempted to drive down to the beach this weekend just so I can work out of my car ;)

You live and learn though, right? We had SO much fun seeing Niagara Falls and getting to meet Sarah... I don't want to just give up on all of the other fun experiences I could have if I continued. But we definitely need to be more organized before we continue. Honestly I wish that "winging it" was a viable option because it seemed so fun and spontaneous! But I'd rather feel safe and know that I definitely have a (reasonably affordable) bed to sleep in each night.

I have some more pictures from the trip to post though! We went to Utica, NY on Thursday and I had one of the best veggie burgers of my entire life. Details later.