Wednesday, June 19, 2013


For Father's Day this year we spent the afternoon perusing the dusty shelves at a local used bookstore. I love having a geeky dad who likes the same things I do.. it makes his birthday and Father's Day even more fun because he plans activities that I love too! lol! It just wouldn't be the same if he was a golf and power tools kinda dad ;)

I ended up getting a couple books I had been looking for while we were there, including one on marriage & family in the middle ages. I'm so fascinated by that time period but it seems like most books about that era tend to concentrate on the wars or the royals, but I really wanted something about normal people and their day to day lives. This book seems to be exactly what I was looking for! I'm going to read it on the road trip. I'm intent on getting a lot of reading done while we're away, so I'm planning on bringing a hefty amount of books with me. Once I've sorted out exactly which ones I'm bringing I'll do a post!

I'm pretty sure that we're going to be hitting the road on Sunday morning and heading up to northern NY first. I am so excited that it's actually happening! I still haven't decided what I'm packing yet but my business-related stuff is all set to go and we already have the first part of the route mapped out! yay!! :)

dress & cardigan - forever 21 | belt - vintage | shoes - ebay | bag - modcloth