Monday, June 17, 2013

easy peasy folding tray makeover

Since I'm going to be working out of my car trunk during the road trip, I decided to get a folding tray to expand my workspace a little. I figured this would be perfect since it folds up flat and will store easily in the car! I got mine on amazon here. They come in sets of 2, so I gave the second one to my mom to use as a tv tray. (sidenote -- can we talk about the awesome Mod Podge label design?!)

It's not terrible looking to begin with, but definitely not my style at all. So I took it outside and gave the whole thing a couple coats of peach spray paint (I used Valspar brushed rose) and then let it dry. Then I cut a piece of fabric to fit the top (a fat quarter was more than enough) and adhered it with Mod Podge hard coat and a foam brush.

Despite trying really hard to make sure there weren't any air pockets when I attached the fabric, they still started showing up when the first coat of Mod Podge dried. I poked the bubbles with a push pin, and then rubbed on the area to release the air, then did a couple more coats of Mod Podge and you can't even see the bubbles anymore!

I can't wait to take this on the road with me now! :)