Thursday, June 6, 2013

recipe: chick peas with green beans and tahini

I love change and trying new things, but honestly when I'm home the only reason I ever make something new is because I'm missing the ingredients I need to cook my usual fare. Such was the case the other day when this new recipe was born. And I loved it so much that it's going to be a regular on the menu now. Maybe one day I'll be out of green beans and their absence will spawn a new favorite dish ;)

Oh, also, I am a completely, totally, horribly lazy cook and usually use canned or frozen ingredients. If you're not as lazy as me, then this meal would probably be even more delicious with fresh veggies and herbs!

I used -- a 15oz. can of chick peas (rinsed), 1 bag of steamable green beans (cooked), 1/2 of a fresh tomato, 2 tbsp. sesame tahini, 2 tsp. dried chopped garlic (yup, I don't even use fresh garlic. I know!) 1/4 c. panko flakes, some olive oil and a little parsley. I sauteed the garlic in the olive oil for a few minutes, then tossed everything in the pan except for the tomato and parsley. Stir it every few minutes until the chick peas get a little crispy, then serve it with the fresh tomatoes and a little sprinkle of parsley on top!