Thursday, October 20, 2011

star stuff

I know I already featured Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot" on star stuff before, but I was listening to the audiobook last night, and when this passage came on I got the biggest the urge to draw it. Something about this quote just moves me so much, and I wanted to create something that visualized what he was talking about. This pale blue dot, suspended in darkness, is home to everything and everyone we've ever known.

It was so sad though... when I was listening to the book, around chapter 4 Carl Sagan stopped talking and a robotic voice took over. I'm assuming it's because he was so sick he couldn't do it anymore, and that just breaks my heart. I couldn't listen after that. The only reason I was reading the audiobook to begin with was to hear Carl Sagan's inflection and measured, deliberate way of speaking, so I'm going to get the paperback copy and pick up where I left off.

ps. the drawing is available in my society6 shop :)