Tuesday, October 25, 2011

oh my gosh!

Elycia did a drawing of me!!! :D I'm so giddy and and thrilled and excited, it's just so perfect! And I'm wearing one of my homemade dresses!!! :D And my wonderful white hair bow that I love ever so much!!! :D

I can't believe I only just noticed ... I read Love Elycia religiously (like, I visit so often it's one of my "top sites" on safari) and this was posted on the day I was at the hospital with my mom (pretty much the one day all year that I didn't read any blogs) ... So today when I was stalking reading her latest posts and saw a little pink bun with a white bow in a related post link, I thought "oh. my. gosh. that looks familiar!" and it was me!! :D eeep!

Thank you so much Elycia!! <3