Monday, October 31, 2011

not quite twiggy

dress - modcloth/trade with gee
tights - we love colors
shoes - h&m

First: No, I am not going blonde! Just thought I should get that out of the way since I know it's not the most flattering color on me, lol :) This was just my attempt to be Twiggy for Halloween. Except, not quite...

I'm Stumpy, Twiggy's sister... half as tall, twice as wide. lol!!

It's pretty far-fetched, but I think I at least got the makeup right (closeup here.) As for the hair, I had to bleach my roots so I figured I'd just wait one extra day to add the pink so I could have blonde hair for my costume. It's probably going to be my last time dying it pink though, at least for now (sad face!) My dark roots grow in WAY too fast for me to keep up with the dying process and it's really wearing me (and my hair) out. Going back to brown will be a nice change for a while... although I doubt it will be very long before I get a wild urge to bleach it and dye it again ;)