Thursday, October 6, 2011

piano recital

Learning to play the piano was one of my 2011 new years resolutions that I never got around to, and I figured I still have two months left to get it done! But before I could tickle the ivories I had to learn how to read the notes first, so I downloaded this amazing app that teaches you how to read music! Seriously within an hour I had already memorized which notes went with which keys. It's amazing. So Monday night I decided to test my newfound skills with It Had to Be You on my iphone keyboard app. I practiced all night, until I ended up memorizing the song. Then I proceeded to practice on our piano pretty much all day Tuesday... I'm pretty sure my parents never want to hear this song ever again, lol ;)

I'm so excited about this! I've wanted to learn forever, and until now the only thing I could play was the beginning of Silent Night. Since I didn't know how to read music, I'd sing in my head as I played "GAG E, GAG E, DDB, CCG, AACBA, GAG E" and match the letters up to little stickers I put on the keys of our piano! ha!

Anyway, I was a total dork and recorded myself playing It Had to Be You so I could show you here... keep in mind I'm a complete beginner, so if my hands aren't in the right spot or I don't hold a note long enough or whatever please don't chide me! ;)

ps. Do you see Chloe watching me in the background? ha! love her!!