Monday, October 17, 2011

it's temporary

tights - target
shoes - blowfish
hair bow - hive & honey

My hair reached a breaking point over the weekend. My annoying natural dark brown hair was really beginning to show, and my pink was really beginning to fade. I had to decide to either bleach my roots, or dye my whole head a darker, richer shade to cover up the roots temporarily. I really, really want to have freshly dyed pink hair when I go to Disney, so I opted to go red in the meantime to avoid over-bleaching. This is Manic Panic wildfire red, and it covers a whole lot better than the pink (it even tinted my brown roots!). I usually need 2 tubs of pink dye to cover my head, and even then it looks pretty spotty. With this dye, one container did the trick and it's completely even. I think pink is just a really tricky color...

By the by, if you're planning on submitting a post for my DIY-sney week (DIY posts on my blog all week while I'm in Disney World) please send it over before Halloween so I can schedule it before I leave! My e-mail is slightlyterrific [at] :)