Saturday, October 22, 2011

christmas cards

After way too much procrastinating, I finally finished my 2011 Christmas cards and they're up in my etsy shop now!! :) I'm so incredibly happy with how they came out. Last night I think I put off going to sleep for at least 40 minutes because I kept getting out of bed to go look at them again. It's silly, but like I said when I finished my calendar... I've been discontented with my drawings for so long that finally enjoying my own work is pretty much pure glee! :)

The Season's Greetings one is actually based on a vintage 20's Christmas card that I found online here and "Fond wishes for a Happy Christmas" was a saying I found on another vintage card. I thought it was so sweet I had to use it! The two text cards feature lyrics from my personal favorite Christmas song, "Mistletoe and Holly" by Frank Sinatra.