Tuesday, October 4, 2011

room tour part 3

This part was a little slow coming since I hadn't quite finished polishing up my workspace when I posted the last part of my room tour. A USB extension cord, iphone dock and headphone extension cord were all that stood between a pretty workspace and a huge mess of cords lol ;)

The little curtain I have hanging above my desk is actually the bottom of a vintage maxi dress that I hemmed. It hides office supply storage like all of my paper for printing Flapper Doodle goodies!

Next to my desktop I have this AMAZING little wall unit from IKEA (called Ludvig). He only takes up 7" of floorspace, yet inside there are three shelves and a fold-out desk for my laptop. It's ridiculously awesome and also perfectly serendipitous that the width was exactly (I mean down to the 1/4") the right size for this little nook between my closet and my windowsill.

Above Ludvig I have my new record player that I love with all of my heart. My old one was one of those big gigantic Crosley reproduction models with a built in CD player, mp3 speaker, cassette deck, radio, dishwasher, swimming pool, etc. All I really needed was a simple record player for a tiny room, and this new one fits the bill! It's wall mounted, battery operated (no cords!) and it has built in speakers! It's basically a dream. I got it from amazon here, although I saw it at UO for like $30 more!

The lamp was a flea market find that I spray painted and re-wired. It's my favorite find ever, hands down! So unique and pretty! (And so cheap.. it was like $1!)

See how Ludvig folds out to unveil a huge workspace for my laptop!! Love love love!

And when my laptop is not in use, there's actually a little built-in piece that holds it in place to charge! There are also some pockets where I store my tablet, an extra mousepad, pens, etc. And the whole thing is deep enough for my mail holder too!

I love that the image of Hypatia on my desktop is like 2x the size of her actual head.

I picked up this little doll bed at IKEA last month and re-covered the mattress it came with in a vintage fabric (another maxi-dress excess leftover!). I keep hoping Hypatia will use it when she keeps me company at my desk but so far all she'll do is sniff it. Hopefully she'll get the hint soon.. I keep patting on it every time she's nearby but she's yet to step inside. I swear, though, if I put an ugly cardboard box there, she'd be sitting on it in a heartbeat.

That's it for part 3! I have one more part and then that's it for my room! I know it seems silly to break up one single room into four parts, but I've crammed so much use into my small little space that it almost seems like more than one room to me! I have my studio, my office and my bedroom all in one 11' x 11' area! :)

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