Wednesday, May 18, 2011

un, deux, trois

scathingly brilliant outfit remix with modcloth strolling through amsterdam dress

remixed item: strolling through amsterdam dress from modcloth
outfit 1: cardigan - old navy // tights - we love colors
outfit 2: cardigan - old navy // shoes - from my grandmom // tights - h&m
outfit 3: skirt - modcloth // belt - old navy // shoes - blowfish

When I got this dress in December it was a really tight fit, so I didn't wear it very often.. the waistband kept riding up, and I was busting out of the top... it was just all kinds of awkward. I wore it for the outfit post on the left in December, then I don't think I even took it out of my closet again until last month. Encouraged by the scale ticking down a bit, I decided to try it on again, and now I'm in love! It fits like a glove now, and I think I've worn it at least five or six times since then!

I wasn't really happy when I first noticed that I was losing weight from, um, my upper area (I was like "come on fat, can't you come off my hips instead??!?!) ... but when I see how something like this dress fits so much nicer, it doesn't bother me at all. Okay, that's enough awkward weight loss talk for today lol ;-D

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