Monday, May 30, 2011

it's been fun.

dress - vintage
balloon sleeve bodysuit - boohoo
shoes - karmaloop

As much work as I put into this dress, I've come to the conclusion that I just don't like it :p It's a wee bit too short (my fault for not really measuring when I hemmed it..), the shoulders are too wide, and the torso is too long. I have to fold it over and then put the belt over the fold because my waist is too short for it! I was so proud of myself when I first altered it, but ever since then it's just been sitting in my closet collecting dust. Every time I try it on, I change my mind before I leave the house because of the odd bunching at the waist, and the fact that even the slightest wisp of wind and I'd be flashing my panties.

So this is the dress' swan song. I thought I'd do one last post with it before I put it away. I'm not going to throw it out or anything (yet) since it's my first moderately successful sewing project, but it's not going to be on my body, or this blog, again :( Poor dress.

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