Friday, May 27, 2011

posh frock friday

scathingly brilliant posh frock friday

dress - modcloth
bodysuit - boohoo
shoes - from my grandmom

I have an art show this weekend, so I have posts scheduled to go up Saturday through Monday.. provided blogger doesn't crash on us again (knock on wood!) I know I said I had stopped doing outdoor shows, and I did actually stop last spring (which made finding all of my supplies in the basement quite a challenge) but lately I've been feeling a particular kinship with Jackson Pollock, who started the show in the 1930's... when he needed money to pay for rent. ;-)

I even did a new painting specifically to enter in the show's contest, and I'm so happy with it! I haven't taken a proper photo yet but I'll post one next week when I get back. It's a traditional-ish portrait, which is unusual for me, but I really like it!

Anyway! Enough shop talk! :) How adorable is this dress?! I got it with store credit at modcloth a few weeks ago. I had the credit in my account for weeks and then bought this on a whim when I got a restock notification... and I'm so glad I did! I actually think this is my favorite PFF post EVER. I had so much fun wearing it, twirling around and generally acting like a ballerina princess tooth fairy angel girly girl.

ps. I have a fun DIY coming up later today, so check back!! :)

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