Monday, May 9, 2011

I don't know what everybody's doing but I want to do it too

sheer dress - vintage
black dress - forever 21
belt - old navy
shoes - blowfish

I hope everyone had a really nice Mother's Day! Mine was pretty terrific. We were all in goofy moods, so there was plenty of laughter to go around. At one point my dad asked my brother and I to distract our mom while he started the grill (a gopher had chewed through the gas line last year, and as far as my mom knew it was still out of commission) so I started humming really loud, and Kyle started dancing (I use the term lightly) to the humming. My mom just watched with a look of combined horror and amazement.. It was hilarious.
Later we had my Aunt Annie and Grandmom over for dinner. My Aunt Annie is 99 years old and *very* hard of hearing. She usually doesn't understand what we say, even if we are speaking deliberately, and as loud as possible. So when I made a really good joke and my family started fist-bumping me.. Aunt Annie did too! She was like "I don't know what everybody's doing but I want to do it too!" It was so funny! She's such a good sport considering she usually has no idea what's going on!
ps. There are going to be some little changes on Scathingly Brilliant this week.. nothing gigantic, just some additional posts and moving some regular features around :)