Thursday, May 26, 2011

strawberry lemonade

top - vintage
skirt - modcloth
belt - old navy
shoes - karmaloop

Children of the 90's: does anyone remember those little fabric-covered elastic suspender straps that were used to cinch the back of your dress? It sort of functioned as a belt, to make your clothes fit better at the waist. I'm desperately in need of one for this skirt, but I don't know what they're called, or if anyone even makes them anymore, for that matter. They were such a genius invention, in my opinion... albeit now I'd prefer one that didn't look like a scrunchie, but it really performed a function that belts can't always pull off.

This skirt is SO darling, but the waist is just humungous. I adore the way it looks without a belt, though, so the hunt is on for a dress suspender thingy. Or maybe I'll make one! Hmm. DIY project perhaps? :D

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