Thursday, May 12, 2011

une femme est une femme

scathingly brilliant outfit post with modcloth dress and we love colors tights

dress - modcloth
tights - gift from we love colors
shoes - h&m
belt - forever 21

The last time I wore this dress, I also wore it with blue... not very creative, but I just think it matches the black and white so well! These particular tights were a gift from We Love Colors (excitement galore!!) and I thought that this shade, paired with the red belt, was very Une Femme est Une Femme, no?! (Am I going overboard on the French this week?)

Speaking of movies which star Anna Karina, I did this painting a couple weeks ago, based on a still of Anna in Vivre Sa Vie. I feel like such a stupid goofball when I like my own artwork, but ugh.. I kind of adore it :p It just fits in my room so perfectly (see it peeking above my head in the outfit pictures, in the top left corner?) and I love that I didn't have to pay $90 for a poster of her, when I could paint one instead :D