Monday, May 2, 2011

back where it all began

dress - 60s vintage
cardigan - f21
tights - h&m
shoes - h&m
bag - h&m
sunglasses - fred flare

On Saturday we spent the day in Princeton to celebrate my dad's 58th birthday! Every year at the end of April the university has a festival called Communiversity, and this was our first year going as visitors instead of vendors. From 2004-2010 I was selling my artwork, but since I gave up doing outdoor shows last year we were finally able to experience the festival and take our time strolling around. My favorite part are the tables on campus where International students represent their countries with information, food and souvenirs. After we were done walking around, we just wandered around the campus, ending up at a beautiful garden near the art museum. I put together this little video using the 8mm app on my iphone (soooo glad Diana blogged about this, it's now my favorite app!) The song is Little Bird by Goldfrapp.

My dad's mother, my dad, me and my brother were all born in Princeton so it's always nice when one of us decides to spend our birthday there.. to be back at the beginning, everything feels right.

Do you want to comment, but have no idea what to say? Trust me, I've been there! So to make things a little easier, here is a question you can answer if you can't think of anything else to say! :)

You have an unlimited budget for your next birthday celebration. How do you spend it?