Wednesday, July 27, 2011

un, deux, trois

remixed item: black spaghetti strap dress from forever 21
outfit 1: tights - h&m // shoes - target // bag - uo // cardigan - f21 // belt - old navy
outfit 2: lace dress - vintage // shoes - blowfish // belt - old navy
outfit 3: crochet crop top - h&m // shoes - target // necklace - handmade

If you've been here since last July, you might recognize that first photo, and understand why there is a red oval over my face. It was my very first outfit post, one year ago this week. I decided to start doing outfit posts as a way to build my self confidence, but this was obviously a very huge hurdle if I couldn't even find the courage to include my face in the picture!

Thankfully, these posts have helped in that department. I'm a lot more secure in dressing the way I please, and that girl with the red oval for a head would be super glad to know that I'm not ashamed to show my face anymore. I have my off days when I think I look like crap, and almost every day of the week I wish I had a big red oval floating over my giant behind when I go out in public, but for the most part I'm very happy with who I am, and how I look. And it's pretty much all thanks to these posts.

If anyone out there reading this has been on the fence about starting to outfit blog, I say go for it! It's made me so much more happy with my appearance, and in a town where jeans and t-shirts are the standard uniform, I no longer feel embarrassed to step out in my fancy dresses. It's done wonders for my self-confidence, and not feeling insecure about how you look on the outside really makes you feel amazing on the inside!