Sunday, July 10, 2011

slumber party sunday

Get on your pajamas, and pop some popcorn because it's time for another slumber party! :D This week I have the best kind of treat ever (anything that includes brownies is top on my list!) some 90's line dancing goodness, one of my favorite movies EVER, a super sad and chilling ghost story and some fun truth or dare! Hey, by the way nobody has given ME a truth or dare yet.. it's my own party and I feel left out, lol! Ask me one today? pretty please, with sprinkles and chocolate syrup and whipped cream on top? ;-D

How utterly amazingly delicious do these look?! eep! As if brownies alone weren't good enough, you've got sprinkles & candy on top! And it's on a stick. Things on sticks > things not on sticks. Am I right? You can find the recipe here and whip up some before the party starts! Oh, and that link just calls for generic brownies, you can use boxed or store bought.. whatever.. but I personally recommend my own world-famous state of the art brownie recipe ;-D

The Macarena (haha, yes!) by Los del Rio

Electric Boogie (the electric slide) by Marcia Griffiths

If you haven't seen this yet, you've really been missing out! It's one of my all time favorite mysteries, and honestly any movie that stars Audrey Hepburn AND Cary Grant has to be fantastic, right? And Cary Grant has to be the only man on the planet who, at 60, looked better than pretty much every 30 year old who had lived, was living, or ever would live. I'm sure if we were having a real sleepover, you'd all start making fun of me at this point for gushing over someone old enough to be my grandfather, but that's when I'd just say "oh shoosh!" so we could hit 'play' and ogle Audrey Hepburn's wardrobe... and Cary Grant's smile ;-D hehe! Watch it: Netflix // Torrent // DVD // Hulu // Youtube

Each week I'll post a truth & a dare. You can answer the truth question in the comments, or participate in the dare on your own (and let me know if you chickened out in the comments ;-D) Also, feel free to give me a truth or dare in your comment and maybe I'll answer/do some of them in next week's slumber party post!

Truth: Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?
Dare: Actually do the dances to the songs on the playlist. You know you want to anyway! ;-D