Sunday, July 31, 2011

slumber party sunday

Yay! It's finally time for another slumber party! After I get my yummy mini banana splits ready, I'm going to paint my nails super bright pink (so cheery!) and sit back to watch this week's movie. It's one of my favorite guilty pleasures, so I hope you like it too! Then -- after the nails are dry, of course -- we can dance around to some fantastic Goldfrapp tunes before settling down for ghost stories & truth or dare! Ready?! Let's get started!

My favorite kind of dessert -- an easy to make one! These look SO incredibly simple and yet so delicious! Also, you can't go wrong with anything bite sized. Stop drooling and get the recipe here! ;)

Ooh La La by Goldfrapp

Twist by Goldfrapp

Strict Machine by Goldfrapp

This is SUCH a guilty pleasure of mine -- Notting Hill (1999) ... what can I say, I have a soft spot in my heart for Hugh Grant! ;D This movie has some really super cornball moments, but oh my gosh I could eat it up. I watch it almost every month, and it always makes me smile! *Spoiler* There's this scene where Julia Roberts (who plays a movie star in the film) says to Hugh Grant "I'm just a girl. Standing in front of a boy. Asking him to love her." And then she leaves, and he goes back to his friends and tells them what she said. The first time I saw this, I was 110% sure they were going to tell him that was a line from one of her movies. I mean, I was actually shocked when it turned out she was for real! haha! Anyway, I always think that's funny now when I get to that part ;-D *End Spoiler!* If you don't have the movie on DVD, you can watch it on Netflix Instant // Youtube // Torrent // Amazon.

I don't know why, since the story itself isn't THAT scary, but watching this put me in a go-to-sleep-with-the-lights-on mood. Some parts seriously scared the living daylights out of me! eek! I guess that's what ghost stories are for though, eh?! ;)

You can answer the truth question in the comments, or participate in the dare on your own (or let me know if you chickened out in the comments ;-D)

Truth: Who was your first celebrity crush?
Dare: Wear all of your clothes backwards today.