Thursday, March 31, 2011

a shoe to stand on

I've been a huge fan of platforms ever since the Spice Girls made them all the rage when I was an impressionable pre-teen. Naturally I'm tickled pink that they're back in style again so I can stock up! I really hate being on trend for some reason (the fact that my dad incessantly nagged me for playing with "trendy barbies" as a child may have contributed to this..) but I love when my favorite styles become popular, since it gives me a chance to hoard them for the future. 70's style platforms are a case in point -- adore them to no end, but they haven't really been readily available since I was about 10. Now that they're everywhere again, I'm going to stock up and save for the lean years when they're are out of vogue ;-) I'm leaning towards buying either 1, 8 or 12, but if only I could find a pair of 6" tall union jack ones... hmm...

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ps. You have to see these AMAZING white platforms my mom wore to her prom & graduation! :-O Aren't they awesome?!