Saturday, March 26, 2011

the great northern

I've recently become overwhelming smitten with Twin Peaks. My parents recommended it to me, and since I think they pretty much have the best taste in the world when it comes to music, movies and tv, I took their advice and set myself up with season 1 a couple weeks ago. As usual when I get hooked on a new-to-me show, I breezed through the whole thing in about a weeks time. And WOW. I can totally understand now why it has such a devoted cult following. It's one of those shows you just can't get off your mind. I've dreamt about it quite a few times now (thank goodness I haven't had any scary Bob dreams yet, but I know they're bound to show up eventually) and even came up with an idea for a new flapper doodle painting with a Twin Peaks theme. I'm totally hooked.

I waited until I had finished the last episode of the last season to do any digging online, to make sure I didn't accidentally glimpse any spoilers. After imdb, wikipedia and some fan sites, I searched on etsy to see if anyone had any cool fan art... and low and behold I found these amazing cross-stitch and embroidery pieces from a Twin Peaks themed etsy shop brilliantly titled The Great Northern! Totally amazing! I'm thinking I might need to snatch one up, and I'm leaning towards the coincidence & fate piece. But how awesome would it be to have a whole series of them displayed together?!