Monday, March 28, 2011

jean genie

coat - h&m
jeans - old navy
scarf - urban outfitters
bag - urban outfitters
shoes - the back of my closet

I hardly EVER wear pants, but after too many windy days spent in NYC trying to hold down my skirt to keep it from blowing up around my face (and embarrassingly failing at this task numerous times) I decided to go with some trusty jeans this time. Not nearly as pretty, but much better than flashing all of New York City, yes?

Me and my mom spent the day in the city since I had to attend a meeting, and it was so nice! I really love spending time with her and don't get the opportunity very often, since she works full time and is too tuckered to do much besides watch tv when she finally gets home! After the meeting we spent some time (cough.. hours) in H&M then had drinks (lemonade & coke kind of drinks) in the cellar restaurant at Macy's before coming home and meeting my dad and brother for dinner at Olive Garden. We really don't get out much as a family so when we do it's a HUGE treat, and incredibly fun! Somehow I blurted out that I owed my mom a "gret of daditude" (instead of debt of gratitude) and it struck our funny-bones so much that my mom was crying, and I was having trouble breathing I was laughing so hard. All in all -- an absolutely perfect day! :)