Thursday, March 10, 2011

it's in the bag

So, here's my 'what's in my bag' post! Nothing especially exciting, but I had a lot of fun doing it anyway lol :)

Moving clockwise from the top I have sunglasses from Urban Outfitters; "My kingdom for a wintergreen mint" Shakespearean mint tin (in which I keep aspirin) from the Art Gallery of Ontario; "Anti-Establish-mint" mint tin (in which I keep trident original gum) from the Unemployed Philosopher's Guild; my green ipod shuffle; my new iphone with a Eureka background ftw!; my telephone case (it's a telephone booth.. get it? ha ha) from CBSew on etsy; a glittery pink heart wallet from 5 and below; my pink Canon powershot; a little camera case with kitties on it; my favorite green Sony headphones; Nine Stories by JD Salinger (I always carry this specific book because I can re-read the stories a million times.. I keep my 'currently reading' book at home next to my bed); and finally, an allergic girl's best friend -- kleenex!

All tucked neatly inside my new favorite handbag from urban outfitters :-)