Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Pi Day!

coat - modcloth
scarf - urban outfitters
tights - target
shoes - target
bag - urban outfitters

Why yes, I do venture outdoors once in a while ;-) Me and my family spent the day in Princeton for their annual Pi Day festivities, which celebrate pi (3.14), pie (the food) and Albert Einstein, Princeton's most famous resident, who was born on March 14th! It was so much fun!

We got off to a late start and missed the pie eating contest that my brother was going to enter, so I bought him an entire large pizza pie and we all took bets on whether or not he'd be able to finish it. He actually ate the whole pie in 27 minutes! :-O Me and my dad won... although I did bet that he'd eat the whole thing, I really didn't expect him to! It was A LOT of pizza!

One of my favorite parts of the day was visiting the house on Witherspoon Street where my dad spent his childhood. There's a bench outside the building in the alleyway, and I got some really lovely pictures of my parents setting together there. I think they're my favorite photos of them EVER. They were goofing off, and their smiles are just so genuine. The yellow doorway I'm standing in below was also part of my grandparents' property. I wish it was still in the family.. I've never lived there myself, but it just feels like home!

Add Panera, a visit to Princeton Record Exchange (I walked away with a Marianne Faithfull lp and a record of Robert Donat reading TS Elliot's cat poetry!) and the day was absolutely perfect.