Wednesday, March 9, 2011

quiet nights of quiet stars

dress - modcloth
coat - modcloth
shirt - vintage
bag - urban outfitters
shoes - aldo

Do you have a nightly routine? Like dinner-movie-sleep or dinner-book-letterman-sleep? I've been trying to keep one lately, though it's hard when you're your own boss.. you tend to keep working even through dinner :\

My schedule, or at least what I'm aiming for, is dinner - movie/tv - book - sleep. I think it's really nice to unwind each night, and it gives you something to look forward to all day long! I've even been making my bed each morning so that it's more cozy to climb in at night. Okay, it's also because Hypatia likes to sleep on the giant lump of blankets in the middle of my bed, and I don't have the heart to kick her off when it's time for bed... anyway... moving on... I'm just really determined to start a nightly routine that I stick with, and one that just envelops me in coziness and comfort!