Wednesday, February 2, 2011

you've seen her kind of eyes, watching you from underneath a rock

coat - f21
hat - kohls
sunglasses - uo
shoes - marshalls

I have a confession to make: My name is Kate and I am a blog stalker :-O

I'm an avid blog reader ... I start each morning perusing my favorite blogs, and I tend to end the day the same way, checking to see if anyone has updated yet. I drool over beautiful dresses, get tips on which movies I should check out and swoon over photos of cute kitties. But I hardly ever leave any comment to show I was there. It's horrible!! When I first started blogging I was like a comment fairy, leaving a trail of comment dust behind me on every blog I visited. But after a while I stopped having anything interesting to say. I'd either end up writing "Great post!" and leaving it at that, or I'd write a ridiculous paragraph about some obscure uninteresting thing that happened to me that wasn't even remotely related to the topic of the post.

"That's so weird! The other day my cat fell asleep in my clean laundry, so I had to wash it all over again. I left it in the dryer overnight, so when my grandmother came over to do her own laundry, she folded mine and put it in a basket on the steps. Wouldn't you know, by the time I woke up there was Chloe.. sleeping in my clean laundry AGAIN! hahaha!!!

Anyway... great post! I'm totally going to try that recipe :D"

I'm just one big major commenting FAIL. But not leaving comments at all isn't any better than leaving stupid ones.. is it? At least my random stories about my cats would prove I was there. To a blog author, a comment is the only real proof that someone read what you wrote or looked at what you posted. Visitor statistics are nice, but it's like counting the UPS man as a house guest. They might have shown up, but presumably they didn't stay for supper.

I'm not even really sure what the point of this post is. I guess I just want to tell everyone who has a blog that I'm probably reading it, even if you've never heard from me. Your blog is AWESOME and funny and heartwarming and beautiful, and I would say all of that every single day on every single post if I didn't feel so gosh darn stupid and tongue-tied leaving comments!