Sunday, February 6, 2011

sunday funnies

In the last week, I have become utterly, hopelessly, wonderfully in love with the SyFy show Eureka. It's about a town of geniuses who work for the government to create the newest cutting edge technology, whether it's medicine and cellular technology or nuclear weapons. The town sheriff, Jack Carter (played by Colin Ferguson, who is so brilliant --and so cute-- I feel like squealing each time he's on screen) is not a genius, but he more than makes up for his intellectual shortcomings with his wit, common sense and spot-on hunches. The show is part drama, part comedy ... the overall storyline is serious, but each episode has more than enough humor to keep it light. Even when a computer malfunction triggers a 24 hour countdown to planetary destruction, there are still jokes all around. It's geeky, but grounded. I mean seriously.. if I could marry a tv show, I would be Mrs. Eureka by now. I'm just so head over heels.

So, you're probably wondering by now.. "why are you posting this on sunday funnies day, Kate?" Glad you asked. It's partially because I couldn't contain my excitement any longer, and my family locked me in my room until I promised I'd stop talking about Eureka (I'm exaggerating, but they'll probably resort to that soon.) But it's also because this one clip from an episode I watched tonight struck me as so hilarious that I had to share it. I don't know if it is as amusing without the backstory of the episode (short story: contaminated meat makes all of the geniuses temporarily super stupid) but to me it was spit-out-your-grapefruit-juice, hyperventilating kind of funny. But then I'm sort of high on Eureka love, so I might be a bit biased ;-D