Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the blues are still blue

dress - modcloth
tights - we love colors
cardigan - target
shoes - uo

You can't really tell in the photos, but the tights are bright blue. I really haven't been wearing my colored rights often enough lately, and pretty soon it'll be so hot that I won't be able to wear any tights at all! I'm not a giant fan of all the snow we're getting this winter, but I'm not actually looking forward to spring at all. I'm cursed with the worst allergies ever. I had an allergy test before we adopted Chloe, and I swear I'm allergic to the planet. Trees, dust, flowers, grass, dirt, basically everything they tested came out positive. Zyrtec helps curb my cat allergies in the winter but it's not strong enough when spring comes around to keep the blossoming earth from attacking and invading my eyes, ears and nostrils :p Is anyone else on Zyrtec indefinitely? I've been on it for about 8 years and if I miss even one day I get so itchy, my eyes water and I sneeze ten times a minute. I'm a mess without it!!