Friday, February 4, 2011

posh frock friday

dress - 60's vintage
shoes - marshalls
cat necklace - modcloth

About Posh Frock Friday participation -- I think most people are under the impression that you need to be REALLY dressed up to join in. But just because I choose to wear crinoline and cocktail dresses doesn't mean you have to! It's really just about whatever is posh to you. The idea behind the day is to wear something that makes you feel special and less ordinary. Wearing something you love puts an extra pep in your step, whether that is a prom gown or cotton jumper or blue jean overalls! Since I wear dresses almost every day, I like to save my favorites for Friday, but that doesn't mean you have to :) Whatever makes you feel happy and more dolled up than usual -- that is your posh frock!

If you joined in this week, you can leave your link below :)