Monday, February 21, 2011

black and white and blue all over

dress - modcloth
sweater - old navy
bag - target
shoes - marshalls
tights - kmart
hair bow - michaels

I'm on such a black-white-blue kick recently. I think it's due in part to this really cute outfit I originally saw on The Clothes Horse tumblr (my favorite fashion one, btw.. definitely follow if you're on tumblr!) And yes, that's a blue bag I'm carrying. I went to Target to get some freeze dried fruit yesterday, and spotted this when I walked in the door. I think it's much more classy than the blue bags I was looking at online. It's not shiny, it's faux leather and it's simple. And the color matches my favorite cardigan EXACTLY!

It's so miserable outside today.. really foggy, rainy and dark. Perfect weather for cozy sweaters, tea and scary ghost movies, but unfortunately I'm super backed up with work so I'm dressed, running errands and getting caught up with overdue projects. If the weather is still this dreary by the time I'm finished, though, scary movie, here I come! Any suggestions? I like ones like The Haunting (the original), The Uninvited and The Unseen.. no gore or anything, but you're terrified to sleep with the lights on after you watch it!

By the way, I've changed my blog comments from Blogger to Disqus, since I had numerous complaints that my old comment form wasn't working. When I view my own blog, sometimes the comment link isn't even showing up anymore, so I can't tell if that's something that's just happening on my end or if you're missing it too. Also, is the sign-in too complicated? Was it better when I had the pop-up box instead of the comments being at the bottom of the post? All feedback is greatly appreciated!! :)