Saturday, February 19, 2011

bag bag leroy brown

First, can I just say how much I hate having to come up with blog titles? ergh.

I know I had my mind set on getting a blue bag, but when I saw this one on urban outfitters I couldn't resist. It's *exactly* what I wanted, albeit not blue.. but this color obviously has its perks. It will go with everything, and it's good for dressing up or down. The blue ones were probably too casual and would clash with most of my outfits.

Urban Outfitters is seriously my favorite place to get bags. Since 2006 I've had 2 purses that I carry around non-stop, and both came from UO. The braided one I've been carrying around for a couple years now is still in perfect condition, but it was really just way too big for the little amount I tote with me. I wanted something a little more compact, classic and streamlined, not so slouchy and baggy. This is seriously PERFECT.

The outside has a little pocket for my cell phone and wallet, and then the inside has a hinge opening, which is my very favorite kind! It's like a Mary Poppins bag.. they look really small from the outside, but once you open the hinge you realize there's absolutely tons of room inside!

I just ordered an iphone (thank goodness they're finally on verizon now! I've waited SOO long!) so when it arrives next week maybe I'll do one of those what's-in-my-bag things :)