Monday, October 22, 2018

whatever, as if

Something about this outfit reminds me of Clueless. Maybe it's just the combination of plaid with yellow and white? All I need now is a feather pen and Paul Rudd! ;D

On a totally different note, this weekend my brother had a severe allergic reaction to nuts and was in the hospital all night on Saturday. It was the scariest reaction he's ever had, and he actually passed out a few times before they stabilized him. He's totally fine now and completely back to normal (and decidedly more committed to carrying his epi-pen at all times!) but this seemed like a good time to mention the Teal Pumpkin Project. If anyone is unfamiliar, it's a movement to get people to offer allergy-free treats on Halloween. You can read more about it on their website, but basically you put out a teal pumpkin that indicates your house offers non-food items (like party favors, glow sticks, or little toys you can get at Party City for example.) You can paint your own pumpkin, or I've even seen pre-painted teal ones specifically for this purpose at Michaels!

When my brother was little we had to sort through his candy to pick out anything that could potentially kill him... which is scary in a very real, not Halloween-y way. I love that this movement exists now so today's kids don't have to be scared that the treats they bring home on Halloween could be dangerous. I'll have a teal pumpkin at my house and I hope you'll consider doing it too! :)

tights - target (old) | shoes - c/o modcloth | earrings - target