Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I donut think so

With the exception of brooches, I've never been a huge jewelry-wearer. Mostly because I'm actually not a big fan of traditional gems and sparkly stuff (with the exception of glitter!) However -- I Love Crafty totally changed my opinion on the subject. I find myself wearing necklaces a lot more often now that I've started acquiring a little collection of fun novelty jewelry from their super cute shop.  For instance this cat lady necklace, which is probably my favorite thing in my jewelry box.

I Love Crafty just debuted a new line today - the ILC Bakery, which features a whole array of ridiculously adorable, super sweet (literally & figuratively) donut themed pieces! The attention to detail is unbelievable. Even the packaging looks like it came from a little bakery! If you've got a sweet tooth, definitely check it out! :)

skirt- mallory | scalloped shirt - forever 21 | peach dress (worn as shirt) - h&m