Monday, January 28, 2013

the slumber party kit!

The Slumber Party Kit is officially complete and up for sale! :) I am so excited about this! I've had the idea since around when I created The Book Fair Kit last April, and I hope to have some more kits in the future (I already have another one in the works!)

The Slumber Party Kit includes everything you'd need to recreate your childhood sleepovers -- whether you want to have a solo party (like I did for the accompanying photo shoot lol) or gather up your BFFs for an old-school sleepover or give your kiddo a little taste of what your own childhood was like! It would also make a cute thoughtful gift to send a long-distance BFF that's too far away for a real slumber party!

In the kit you'll receive a pre-assembled fortune teller, MASH cards, microwave popcorn, a friendship bracelet kit, a mix tape of 90's pop tunes with a hand-written bubble letter playlist and a "rental" movie that you get to keep. And it all comes in a hand-stamped canvas bag. It also includes a URL so you can download the digital slumber party kit, too! You can print out extra fortune tellers, mash cards and invitations and then use the scrapbooking elements to document your fabulous night!

The kit is available in my sweet and lovely shop here! :)