Tuesday, January 15, 2013

buttercream and mint

I did a couple illustrated outfit posts when I started blogging back in 2010, and thought it might be a fun thing to pick up again! I'm a lot happier with my illustrative style now and [ulterior motive alert] it's a great way to post outfits when the lack of sunshine prevents me from taking real photos. Seriously, Sun, where are you? I miss you! Come back!

Also another perk to drawing your outfit instead of actually wearing it -- you can include things that you don't actually own! Like... pretty much everything I drew in this particular outfit. Like I've said a bazillion times so far in the last two weeks, I'm trying really hard to save money this year (Since November I've already saved 1% of what I need for a down payment on a house. It seems tiny but I'm still proud!) so virtually wearing something I can't physically buy keeps my inner shopaholic happy ;)

dress- ruche | belt - asos | bag - asos | shoes - modcloth